How to Hack Someones ISP Password

Follow These Steps :-

1. Run your telnet program : On windows , go to START – RUN – “TELNET“.
on linux , you should open a shell , and write telnet.

2. Then connect (on windows “connect” , on linux “open”) some anonymous server , if don’t have any then search for one , if you are too lame then email me now! i’ll give you in the minute!
NOTE : you should connect the server mail program (port “25”)

3. Now , write the following :

Hi there [YOUR FRIEND’S NAME] , this is [NAME OF YOUR FRIEND’S ISP] support team , lately , our server had some problems with the connection and the user-password files were destroyed , a backup was then released , and it was ok.
but yesterday we found out that it is not an updated version of the file , so , it will start charging you for a larger amount of money for each our you use!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
To correct the problem , we have made a speical program to correct the error , all YOU have to do is email :
“[**YOUR’S FRIEND’S ISP NAME**]@GalaxyCorp.Com” and in the SUBJECT write your “user name” and “password”.

NOTE: No moeny will be returned if you don’t follow our instructions!

Thank You,
Your Support Team

4. Press enter twice and then write “.”(without the “”) and press ENTER!

Now , The places you saw ** say that maybe you didn’t understood it all , so i’ll give you a simple example .
[**YOUR FRIEND’S ISP WEBMASTER**] – example , if your friend is connected througe AOL , then type “” , get it?

[**YOUR FRIEND’S EMAIL ADRESS**] – example , if your friend’s email is, then type ““.

[YOUR FRIEND’S NAME] – if your friend is called “John” then type “John”.

[NAME OF YOUR FRIEND’S ISP] – if your friend is connected through AOL(American Online) , then type “American – Online”

“[**YOUR’S FRIEND’S ISP NAME**]@GalaxyCorp.Com” – this is the hard-part , but if you are reading this , then don’t worry , you’re one step from the end! ..


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