How to get free vps/dedicated/hosting or a site


Visit this link: and now you have to order something, for example i am ordering a vps now.
Enter fake information, but use valid paypal account and email address.


Dont click on order button now.
Go to tools (If you are using windows 7, then type ALT, now tool option will appear), click on tamper data.


Click on start tamper.


Dont use other site now otherwise you will get a lot of pop-up. After doing this tutorial you may start to browse any site again. You are free to do what is written in this tutorial, but dont do anything more. Follow any link of this tutorial as required. Now, click on order button.
Wait for a pop-up message, asking Tamper data?, click on tamper.
Change the amount to 0.01 and click on ok.


Close tamper data and wait for it. Login to your paypal account and enjoy your free vps.

Do it on your own risk. You may get in trouble, we will not take any responsibility for it.


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