Torrent to direct download

This tutorial is to teach you how to convert torrent download to direct http download. Its so simple. Just follow the steps carefully.


  • Visit a torrent site and search a torrent that you want to download.
  • Download .torrent file or just copy the magnet link.
  • Visit
  • Upload your downloaded .torrent file or paste the copied magnet link in
  • Hit enter or press Go.
  • Select/click Free.
  • Wait for some time, a message will appear “caching completed” and download button will be visible.
  • Click on Download. Select/click free again.
  • Now, download your file. If your file is compressed (zip, rar, etc), then you will get download immediately. But if not, then zbigz will first compress it and then it will give you download.

Please remember, downloading torrent this way will give you slow download speed and you may not able to resume your downloads. Its better to use utorrent for downloading a torrent.


One thought on “Torrent to direct download

  1. Hi nirav….
    I am maharshi chavda

    Spacial thanks to you….

    Your web site is good but be carefull about>>>>>>

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