7 Ways To Manage your Facebook Wall Feeds Better

Not seeing what you like on your Facebook Wall anymore? Regardless of how many friends you have, your Facebook Wall can be such a mess from over-Shared materials, quotes and Instagram photos. The new feature on Facebook Ads that allow Pages to feature their statuses all day long isn’t helping as well. Stories from close […]

Facebook 2013 Introducing a New Design

Goodbye Clutter Hello bright, beautiful stories.      Try the new look Bursting With Color Vibrant new visuals bring your News Feed to life. Give it a try Join the waitlist to get the new homepage for the web. Look for it on your iPhone, iPad and Android soon!

Facebook Testing New 2013 Profile Page

I am so curious about the news that Facebook has started rolling out a new profile page design! According to reports, the new design will feature a single-column timeline. The revamped profile page will also do away with the separate boxes for friends, maps, photos and likes. All these items will now appear in horizontally […]