How To Change Root User Password in Ubuntu

How To Change Root User Password in Ubuntu


 I’ve been getting a few messages on Facebook and e-mails, asking me how to change the password of root user in Ubuntu. Well so I thought posting it here rather than replying to each and every fellow would not be a bad idea. In Ubuntu, access of root user is disabled by default. However, we can easily change its default password.

Change Root User password in Ubuntu

A lot of newbie guys usually come across this problem. Root User’s permissions is pretty much required in Ubuntu to perform almost any task.

NOTE : You must know the password of  your user account through which you are logged in!

Steps to change root user password :


1. Open terminal by going to Applications menu -> System -> Terminal or simply use the short-cut key Ctrl + Alt + T.

2. Type “sudo passwd” (without quotes) in the terminal.

3. Now, it’ll ask for the user account password through which you are currently logged in, type it.

4. Now it’ll ask you to set a new password for root user, do it.

5. Enjoy!

To get root user permission in any task, simply add “sudo” before any command in terminal. For ex. “sudo apt-get install adb“. Or you can simply type “su” to be in root user mode for the entire terminal session.

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