Unlock Idea Net Setter

STEP -I First to Install the Idea Netsetter TOOLS —> DIAGNOSTICS NOTETHE IMEI NUMBER STEP -II Remove the Idea Sim Card And Insert Bsnl Sim Card —OneError Meassage in window box— Only the Specified SIM/USIM Used On the Device Click Ok Buttun STEP -III DOWNLOAD THIS LINK IMEI CALC – CLICK HERE Extract the file […]

How to hide a file in a image

1. Gather the file you wish to bind, and the image file, and place them in a folder. For the sake of this demonstration, I will be using C:\New Folder -The image will hereby be referred to in all examples as fluffy.jpg -The file will hereby be referred to in all examples as New Text […]

Email Hacking with Phishing

  Phishing : it is a non technical attack in which we make a fake page or website which is look like similler to the orignal page. this is the most widely used hacking technique just because it is really simple and affordable. This can be the simplest way of fooling someone to give you […]