Email Hacking with Phishing



Phishing : it is a non technical attack in which we make a fake page or website which is look like similler to the orignal page. this is the most widely used hacking technique just because it is really simple and affordable. This can be the simplest way of fooling someone to give you their login details or private information. Phishing is a criminal process of attempting to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords,credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy website.


lets start it step to step :

1. go to that site which email account U wanna hack like Gmail , facebook etc.

2.then right click on that website & click on “view page source”

3. copy this code in a notepad file..

4. Search here “action” in this code

5. now U will find a URL in fornt of action like this :
action=”” method=”post”

6. now we will replace the url with safin.php . now ur url will be look like this :
action=”safin.php” method=”post”

NOTE: safin.php is a script which we r using here…u also need it u can download it from here we will save that notepad file after these change as html like gmail.html or anyname.html

8. now upload safin.php & ur html file on ftp server like etc.

9. after uploading click on ur html file & enter anything in username & password for testing only

10. it will redirect U on gmail page …u can redirect this page as u want just make changes in safin.php & on ur server a pass.txt file will be created….

11. now send UR html page link to ur friends on mail & make them fool using these type words like account verify , u win a lottery , join my orkut community,see my photo’s on orkut & hide link behind these words….

12. if he/she login on ur page u will get password on pass.txt file … 
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